Before You Engage In Sport Betting, Think About This…

Hello Blast Readers,

I want to share an insight about sports betting and this was shared online and I will like you to share your opinion about this.

This Headline in a National Daily Newspaper propel me to deep thinking and imagination.


“Nigerians spend N730 Billion on sports betting annually”.

What came first into my mind was a scenario where this same amount is invested in a profitable business.

Imagine how much would be circulating to boost Nigeria economy.

I know of a young man who invested N4,000 only, about three years ago in a legit business and now earns more than N1,000,000 monthly.

Think of Nigerians investing the N730B in such or similar businesses. This will grow into Hundred of Billions.

But I ask this question:

How much do Nigerians make annually from sport betting ❓

Trust me, many has loss money and still loosing to sport betting annually.

Are you in support of Sports Betting or against ❓

This will guide your view👇👇👇

1. What is the Prospect of becoming self-reliance from sport betting ❓

2. A very good business should offer the possibility for control by the investor. Does sports betting offer such possibility for control ❓

3. How many people do you truly know, who have made a good fortune from sport betting ❓

4. Are we guaranteed of a good Financial future with sport betting ❓

5. What class of persons do you see more around a sport betting Office ❓

The are more questions, but these five, I think will guide your position.

“After all it’s only the owners and shareholders of betting Companies that makes the money”.

By: Clinton Amang

Do You Think Sports Betting Is Fast Way To Make Money In Nigeria?

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